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Crustacean Creek

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Camp of the Woods

Log #2

By: Aidan Osadchuk

Good Day Fellow Campers!

On my way out to the camp this morning, I noticed as a young fox trotted across the laneway. As the fox vanished behind the dense emerald wilderness, I was reminded of how unique and fascinating our camp is.

Mornings are definitely the quietest part of our schedules at Camp of the Woods. The desolate mist of dawn kept campers inside their tents and RVs until the sun began to shine in the afternoon. Moreover, as the vapour scattered itself throughout the region, my co-workers and I spent our coffee break inside.

As the shower began to retire, I uploaded some content to our camp website, and returned to the Camp of the Woods Store where we sell bug sprays, tents, clothing, snacks, drinks, and ice. After our lunch break, I dedicated the remainder of my daily hours to beautifying and refurbishing our camps nature hiking trails.

Within our camp, a creek flows into a bay and leads to the river. Our goal for the week is for campers to easily access and view the creek. On our trails, we wish to ensure that all campers can sightsee, take pictures of the beautiful forest, and make memories that last a lifetime. As more brush is cleared, more adventures are waiting to happen!

Sunshine surrounded the area I was clearing as my cousin (and co-worker) brought me a can of soda. As I drank it he made his way down to the stream to examine a few rocks and gems submerged beneath the flowing water.

As he lifted the stones, a large crayfish, almost the size of a lobster, darted out from beneath its shelter. We were amazed at the sight of the magnificent crustacean. Again, I was reminded of the fox, the mist, our hiking trails, the creeks, the river, and just how majestic our campsite truly is.

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