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Nature Calls, and Guides All Who Listen

Camp of the Woods Blog #6

By Aidan Osadchuk

July 31, 2020

Happy Long Weekend, Campers!

Everyone here at camp is excited beyond words to announce that our generation of Camp of the Woods has never been this populated with campers! So far this week, we have greeted passerbys who live throughout Canada. Campers from Southern Ontario to Southern Manitoba have stopped in for a different kind of upgrade as the days melted away like streams of ice cream down a child’s chin. The picnic shelter received a makeover as well on Thursday as it has been prepared to host some more guests soon.

Our cabin, tenting sites and regular sites have all seen an increase in activity as we prepare to flip our calendars ahead to August. All though some travelers have already come and gone, we continue to optimistically gaze ahead to the future as more visitors round the horizon.

All kinds of creatures have been spotted around the sites this week as they outnumber us humans to a staggering degree. Birds like swallows, chickadees, orioles, and especially Canadian geese are certainly not strangers to us at the camp. Chipmunks, red and grey squirrels, gophers, foxes, and white-tailed deer scatter themselves in the mix as well, as everyone is sure to meet with animals like these every single day.

Constructively, the brilliant beach at the foot of our campground has undergone a successful clean-up and is looking sandy as the most excellent Sahara. Resilient tides of the Rainy River continue to roll in at their own pace, as the grains of sand rest content along the ridges spanning to our refurbished trails. Wary, yet open-hearted, the cool waters welcome all swimmers and skippers akin, to an experience like no other between the banks. We believe that after this virtuous awakening, nature calls, and guides all who listen, down our long and winding trails that lead through the Northern Ontario wilderness. As we have spent hours throughout the last week polishing each fraction of our camp to near perfection, we passionately encourage campers to come experience them for themselves.

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