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Tadpole Town Trail

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Camp of the Woods Blog #5

By Aidan Osadchuk

Happy Monday, Campers!

The penultimate week of July was one of our most productive yet! Nature trails, exciting new purchases, more campers and even a fresh billboard were all put into effect. Our week concluded with a marketing meeting for the purpose of building the business side of our camp. We are planning on updating our social media presence as we will be joining Snapchat very soon. Campground Flyers, mail-outs and ads will be released into the pubic over the next few weeks.

Boat launches and boat seasonal passes have been floating in nicely. Plenty of fishermen and boaters have come through as well as bird watchers and hikers. At Camp of the Woods, we love interacting with our fellow campers as much as we can. We also like to provide the most stellar service possible because even though people chose to camp here, they are also our guests. Examples of these services would include firewood delivery, fully equipped bathrooms, boat launch assistance and more.

I would also like to add that we will be offering guided hiking tours through our nature trails in the future. Carla or I would be more than willing to take a squad full of campers to Tadpole Town, and Ravine Road, two of our more eccentric trails. These tours will include some facts about the nature in our area, about us, the camp and other interesting sights and sounds along the way. If we’re lucky, perhaps we could even see some animals on our travels into the temperate forest trails.

We are also proud to announce that we have our first merch drop coming up in two weeks!! Camp of the Woods attire will be going on sale in our in-camp store and our Facebook page! For all your Camp of the Woods gear visit us in store or online soon!

All in all, we have so much exciting news and ideas to share with y’all. From our thrilling new developments, to our rich heritage, we are excited to bring as much to the (picnic) table as we can! Hope to see you at Camp of the Woods soon!

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