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Camp of the Woods Goods May 20, 2023

You can't see it in the picture, but it smells like bacon and eggs on the campground this morning.

Maybe someday we'll be able to communicate smell through the interwebs, but until will have to stop by for a visit to smell it for yourself.

There's a mini orchard along the creek that was planted by the previous owner. You will see it on the east side of the driveway as you enter or exit the campground. There is an incredible amount activity happening here, and frequent spottings of turtles, frogs, pikes, raccoons, fawns, beavers, and otters have been reported and witnessed in this natural stream that feeds the Rainy River. The flow of water through the stream and into the Rainy River has slowed from a rush to a trickle as spring cusps into summer.

Most of the campsites on the campground are rented out for the season. 2 of them are left vacant so that there is space available for weekend campers, campers that are passing through town on a road trip, or people that are looking for a relaxing place to vacation for a week or two. Campsite 22, "Perk - O - Late" is one of them.

The other one is site 27, "Snowbird". It's a pull through site that is suitable for larger RV's. Both sites are surrounded by trees, and include a picnic table and firepit for your convenience.

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