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A Different Kind of Upgrade

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Camp of the Woods Log 4

By Aidan Osadchuk

Hello once again, Campers!

Everyone at Camp of the Woods is staying extremely busy amidst the humid summer heat. Over the course of the following days, our expansion process has improved vastly. There are now two nature trails leading to Tadpole Town a creek swarming with plenty of aquatic creatures as well as one more in progress, two other trails leading toward the Rainy River, and an entirely new innovation just west of our boat launch which will be developed into more tenting and camping sites in the not too distant future! Our camp is without a doubt one of the most aesthetically charming locations encapsulated within the Rainy River district.

Some non-geographic projects around camp have included the construction of a large new dock used for leaping into the brisk blue water of the Rainy River, demolition of broken down buildings to make way for new additions, restoring picnic tables, installing a camp library, introducing new snacks and drinks to our store and the creation of a new billboard which will replace the one along Highway 11. Our new slogan has also been implemented on the board, which is set alongside our name and logo reading: “A different kind of upgrade.”

The highlight, and most extravagant moment of the last week occurred on Monday. My cousin and I worked at repairing boards from our older dock (which has been replaced) since we will be recycling the boards and using them to renovate a structure at the north end of camp; Carla dropped by to let us know she was going to town for some new equipment for the camp. A trio of hours nearly proceeded before we saw her again. As we worked, we wondered where she could be… Around 4:15 or so, as the evening came creeping closer, a rustling of oak branches was overheard from our store. To our surprise, Carla was at the stage, and in the coach was a newly manufactured John Deere Gator! The green and yellow colours swept us off our feet as we could not wait to take it for a cruise down our new trails. A polaroid photo was even taken to capture the marvelous moment forever.

As we labour each and everyday, we welcome everyone to camp for the purpose of creating lasting memories just like the above mentioned examples. There are endless possibilities and activities to indulge in here. Campers can feel free to play horseshoes, canoe, kayak, enjoy a bonfire, bike, hike, have a drink, read a book, and become one with nature. At Camp of the Woods, we provide a different kind of upgrade.

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